VERDUIJN'S FINE BISCUITS SINCE 1935 | Artisanal fine cookies, wafers and crackers from Zealand Flanders (Zealand)

Traditionally baked and Zeelandic

Our cookies are baked in the middle of the Zeeuws Flanders polder, a small village called Eede. Our sugar wafers are popular in the region and are known as a Zealand souvenir.

Sweet cookies and wafers for the coffee or cup of tea

Savory wafers and crackers for appetizers!

As a business partner, we offer you a variety of options. This is how we make it possible to sell our products in customized packaging.

“Enjoy the good life” with Verduijn's Fine Biscuits!

..a small selection of our large assortment:

Savory wafers & crackers

Sweet wafers & cookies

savory crackers with real cheese

Traditional & artisanal

Our cookies are made only with pure and natural selected ingredients.
The "made to order" policy guarantees the supply of freshly baked products to our partners,
which ensures our cookies are always crispy, crunchy and delicious!
Because of Verduijn's flexible setup, the cookies can be exported all over the world.

Who we are?

A Dutch family business run by the third generation. The business was originally founded in the charming village of Breskens
in the garage of Piet Verduijn's house.
Over the years, the branches in Breskens and later Aardenburg expanded to the point of bursting at the seams.
In 2004, the brothers Jean Pierre and Henk decided to open an entirely new location in Eede.
Since then, Verduijn's has innovated considerably to keep surprising everyone.

Verduijn's has specialized their production in both of selling sweet cookies to be enjoyed with coffee or tea, as well as savory wafers and crackers to be served with aperitifs.

Our products have also been a success in other countries for many years.

They are being shipped from the Netherlands within Europe but also abroad.

Verduijn's Fine Biscuits since 1935 | Artisanal fine cookies, wafers and crackers from Eede, Zeeuws Flanders, Netherlands